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crude oil refining

Crude Oil Refining

; The process of crude oil refining is a long and complex process that is unknown to most people, even though its final products are used by most people daily. Raw crude is not particularly useful in any application, so it is…


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The Oil Refining Process

Regarding the oil refining process, there are two major branches: conversion and separation. In refineries, raw crude oil is reformed, through the use of many different methods, into more specialized and useful products.   Products of Refinery The oil refining process is…


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Refining Oil

The process of refining oil is conducted, as the term implies, in an oil refinery. The refinery itself is an industrial plant that takes the raw element of crude oil, and using chemical processes, ‘refines’ it into multi-purpose products. A few…


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petroleum refining

The Process of Petroleum Refining

Before discussing petroleum refining, it is important to understand petroleum itself. Briefly defined, it is a complex mixture of organic liquids called as crude oil, and natural gas. The mixture was formed millions years ago, deep below the earth. The…


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