3rd annual Modular Construction & Prefabrication summit canada 2014

Understanding Modular Construction & Prefabrication

by / Comments Off on Understanding Modular Construction & Prefabrication / 35 View / June 12, 2014

modular construction prefabrication summit canadaIn this eBook Hannah Hager talks to Ross Harper, Module Consultant at Spectra Energy. Ross breaks down the complete modular development and prefabrication procedure, such as the difficulties that each stage and how they are resolved.
Problems include FEED, repetitive changes in the procedure design and P&IDs and excess of scaffold.

In this eBook:
What details and choices need to be consistently resolved throughout the modular process?
What are the difficulties that occur at each stage and how are they addressed?
How can you ensure that your tasks stay on-time and on-budget?
How long is the common build project?
What amount of development is already finished by time the segments appear on site?
How much money is stored during the modcon and prefabricated process?
How lots of your energy and effort is stored during the modcon and prefabricated process?

Understanding Modular Construction & Prefabrication